The stakeholders


The Pays de la Loire region of France has acknowledged academic and scientific know-how in the value-added exploitation of marine bioresources in general and microalgae in particular. Forty or so labs with direct or indirect skills in this field have been identified to date (comprising a total of around 1500 researchers) in the cities of Nantes, Angers, Le Mans and La Rochelle. By way of an example, the IFREMER and GEPEA labs have international reputations in microalgae research



Atlanpole Blue Cluster brings together around fifty small and medium-sized companies that span the value chain in the exploitation of marine bioresources or provide equipment or consulting and engineering services in the fields of aquaculture, waste water recovery, the environment and sustainable development. 


This set of skills is a true asset for stimulating the local sector and sustainably exploiting marine biomass.In addition to these SMEs, a few large firms doing business in Blue Cluster's target markets (the food industry, energy, healthcare, cosmetics and the environment) have expressed an interest in seeing this sector expand and thrive. 


Jack Legrand - Director of the joint CNRS/University of Nantes GEPEA process engineering, environment and food industry research laboratory.
The laboratory specializes in the design and development of new production technologies for photosynthetic micro-organisms (microalgae and cyanobacteria), process intensification and system control. We also work on the development of biomass harvesting processes and the extraction & purification of metabolites of interest. 


Jean-Paul Cadoret - Director of the IFREMER Algal Physiology and Biotechnology Laboratory in Nantes and co-founder of the marine biotech company Algenics.
With 13 full-time staff working in the field of biotech and microalgae, our laboratory is using its skills in ecophysiology, molecular biology, biochemistry and taxonomy to focus on the energy, food and feed sectors and identify high added-value compounds. 


Sylvain Lamare - Director of the joint CNRS-University of La Rochelle Coastal Environment and Business Laboratory.
Our laboratory studies the structure, functioning, protection and integrated management of coastal areas and offers value-added solutions to environmental and business-related issues. The main goal of our research and innovation programs is to ensure the well-being of future generations through resource conservation and the sustainable exploitation of biodiversity.