The projects

The projects

Implementation of a Regional Innovation Platform in the towns of Guérande, Pen Bron and Le Croisic.  

This project is led by the Vocational School (Lycée Professionnel) in the town of Guérande and seeks to structure the 

microalgae sector being promoted by Atlanpole Blue Cluster. It brings together professionals from marine resource 

companies and public-sector laboratories (including GEPEA, the IFREMER Algal Physiology and Biotechnology Laboratory 

and the University of Nantes' SMH (Sea Molecules Heath) Laboratory). 

There are two main project objectives: 

  • To identify new strains of unexploited salt marsh microalgae and determine the optimal procedures for biomass generation.
  • To train technicians and engineers in algaculture by using appropriate facilities. Furthermore, the training aspects of this project will be backed up by the forthcoming creation of a vocational degree in algaculture at the University of Nantes.

Atlanpole Blue Cluster is providing project management skills, in collaboration with the Pays de la Loire Regional Council's construction subsidiary SEM Régionale des Pays de la Loire. The project is due to be launched in Q2 2011. 

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The microalgal biofuel platform 

With a view to the industrial-scale production of biofuel by microalgae, we have been working on a dedicated R&D facility 

since January 2009. The facility will be used to evaluate various technological options and then define an integrated process 

for the production of hydrocarbon biofuels (preferably biokerosenes) by microalgae. 

The Microalgae Institute  

The goal is to create a high-performance establishment for adapting, inventing and perfecting processes and drastically 

reducing the cost of algaculture through the value-added exploitation of co-products. 

The IFREMER national marine research institute has launched an audit of the compounds and proprietary know-how 

generated by Jean-Paul Cadoret's laboratory, together with a feasibility study. It has also included funding for the future 

Institute in its 2009–2013 Institutional Plan.