Faced with the rising price, growing scarcity and major environmental impact of fossil energy resources, bioenergy is an increasing credible alternative. 

Different types of energy vectors can be envisaged: biofuels, biogas, electricity and hydrogen. 

For biofuel production, microalgae boast an advantageously high productivity per surface unit and do not consume agricultural land that could otherwise be used or food production. Worldwide, scores of companies have started to work on this topic. The main challenge in the production of third-generation biofuels is to demonstrate the industrial, technical and environmental feasibility of these processes. 

A number of Blue Cluster members are involved in France's "Shamash" National Bioenergy Research Program, which seeks to demonstrate the feasibility of biodiesel production by microalgae. The Pays de la Loire region has major assets for leveraging the development of third-generation biofuels. 


Démonstrateur de valorisation énergétique S3D

The S3D company's demonstration pilot for the on-site processing and energy recovery of fatty waste