The markets

One of the marine bioresources sector's strengths is its diversity of applications and biomass uses, which reflects its biodiverse composition. 


Atlanpole Blue Cluster has identified five major target sectors: cosmetics, the food industry, healthcare, energy and the environment , with high-profile SMEs and research labs. A number of multinational firms doing business in these markets have also expressed their interest in the cluster. 

Testimony from Xavier Pinardon 

Project Manager at the life science consulting firm Alcimed.  

"There is undeniable growth in marine biotech. The sector is gaining structure across Europe. Some key players have raised 

their profile by forming alliances, such as Cetmar in Spain and MabCent in Norway. With fifty or so companies involved in the 

value-added exploitation of marine bioresources, the presence of three marine-focused clusters (Cluster Mer Bretagne, Cluster 

Mer PACA and Aquimer) and the specific emergence of Atlanpole Blue Cluster, France has a strong set of assets."