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Atlanpole Blue Cluster was created in 2008

Marine ecosystems are characterized by unrivaled but largely unexplored biodiversity. Marine bioresources have long been 

used by humankind to satisfy its food needs and still have significant potential for value-added exploitation in cosmetics, 

healthcare and (in the less immediate future) energy and environmental applications, while bearing in mind the need to 

sustainably manage these resources and maintain a balanced natural environment. 


The Pays de la Loire and Poitou-Charentes regions of France are home to a dense network of academic and industrial 

stakeholders with skills in the protection and value-added exploitation of marine bioresources (particularly microalgae, 

fishery co-products and micromycetes fungi). 


Atlanpole Blue Cluster was created in 2008 under the impetus of the Atlanpole business innovation center and the Saint 

Nazaire Urban Area (CARENE), with a view to developing and structuring the marine bioresource sector. The cluster now 

offers a comprehensive range of innovation services and is seeking to create synergy between the stakeholders and raise 

the sector's international profile. Based on local, natural resources, this increasing well-organized sector has adopted a 

sustainable development approach to the generation of innovation and business opportunities in various target markets 

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